February11th 8.00am, opened the back door and was greeted by clear blue skies, a covering of new snow. A temperature that you would associate with with high altitude, what some call an Alpine day. Ideal conditions for an outing to the north Norfolk Coast, in the hope of getting some shots of birds in winter. Plus with numerous reports of wintering ducks in the area, some images of these.

Robin in Winter on the North Norfolk Coast

Robin in Winter

Reports from Holbeach indicated the lowest overnight temperature recorded for many years of -16. So a trip to the coast at Titchwell might also provide some images of frozen coast as well. As the iconic view of a robin in the snow, there’s always a number of them around the reserve so the chances should be good.

Snipe in Winter

Snipe at Titchwell

RSPB Titchwell

No surprise that on arrival at the car park. Visitors were already using the overflow parking bays and sure enough the robins were there in force. With such low temperatures any water had been frozen for some days, so the wintering ducks were all keeping to the clear water.but  Too far out to get any worthwhile close images. However some of the waders were attracted to the few areas where food could be found. A feeding Snipe provided the opportunity to get some reasonable close images in the snow.


Chaffinch in winter


Spotted Redshank

Spotted Redshank

However with the temperature at midday still at -10, lying in the snow to try to get the low shot of the snipe takes its toll. So a retreat to the warmth of the cafe and a hot soup seemed an inviting option. I can only marvel at the photographers that work on the Frozen Planet when this would be considered a warm day. Roll on the thaw and those Smew and Pintails might be in range

Beach at Titchwell

Winter view over Titchwell