Latest Bird Box Camera Video update:- 17th May.



Since moving to Norfolk in the late 80’s we’ve had a number of nest boxes in the garden. Over the years we’ve had Great and Blue Tits nesting successfully in the closed box and Robins in the open fronted boxes.

Its now five years since we first set up a wireless nest box camera. Over the years we’ve had Blue Tits nesting regularly and usually successfully. A few years ago we put up one with a wired camera on the side of the house. The first year although putting it up late we had Great Tits building and rearing seven fledglings. Last year another pair began to nest very late in the breeding season, possibly the pair trying a second brood. However after laying a clutch eggs and the female brooding the eggs for some time, the nest was abandoned. We had noticed that during the winter the box was regularly used by a Great Tit as a roost each night.

This year in early April we began to see and hear a pair of Great Tits showing interest in the box. Within a few days (9th April) there was evidence in the box of nesting material. Followed  later by a completed nest and an egg. Since then (April 26th) the pair have produce seven eggs and are now in the process of brooding the clutch.

The aim is now to try put together a video record as life in the nest progresses.

Bird Box Camera


14th May :- Six chicks showing signs of feathers.

9th May :- At least six chicks still doing well.

7th May :- Spell of cold weather and chicks still doing well.

6th May :- Seven chicks doing well


5th May :- Seven chicks

3rd May :- Eggs hatch, possibly seven chicks



21st April :- Seven Eggs & Mum


20th April :- First six Eggs Appear 


15th April :- Nest building continues

9th April :- First signs of nest building.