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Birds of Florida Quiz

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The Eyes have It Quiz

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Cahuita National Park

 Leaving Evergreen Lodge we started our journey south to Cahuita National Park. We were at the dock at 9.00 in the torrential rain.  While we were waiting we watched three Strawberry Blue Jean Frogs eating ants in the leaf litter.  With the luggage loaded onto one boat, we headed back to Siquirres pier. Progress along…

Tortuguero National Park

Next morning we had an early wake up call from the nearby howler monkeys. Tortuguero is a wildlife enthusiast heaven. Capuchin monkeys climbed in the branches near the dock where we had morning coffee. Blue jean tree frogs jumped amongst the leaf litter next to the track. Across the river an osprey perched at the…

Costa Rica – Coastal Secrets

This was a return journey for us to Costa Rica after a gap of 15 years.  After an 11 hour BA flight we landed in San Jose where we were met by Johnny Villalobos our tour leader and naturalist guide. Our first night in Costa Rica was at the Presidente Hotel where we would overnight…

Sparrowhawks in the garden

Living in a village in rural Norfolk there’s always plenty of birds in our wildlife friendly garden. During the summer we often caught a glimpse of a  Sparrowhawk flying over the gardens. Obviously on the look out for its next meal. On one occasion we had the opportunity to capture an image of a one…

Interesting facts about the lives of Sloths Costa Rica.

Before this year trip to Costa Rica we were asked numerous times about if we were hoping to see some Sloths. It seems that  despite their apparent laziness and their slow movements, there is something about them that people find very cute. On previous trips to the Jungles of Central and South American we had…