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Green Cay and Wakodahatchee.

  June in Florida brings with it very hot days, high humidity and tropical downpours. Most of the wildlife that can has migrated back to the cooler climate of the north. The remainder have adopted a pattern of feeding early in the day and resting for the rest of the time. This makes looking and photographing…

Wakodahatchee Wetlands

For some years now, with family living in Florida we are regular visitors to the Palm Beach area. Each time we visit we have tried to seek out new and interesting places to spot wildlife, particularly the abundant bird life at various times of the year. Whilst looking at the Florida Birding and Wildlife Trail…

Jupiter Inlet (Florida)

Our son’s latest move around the USA has taken him to Florida’s east coast. To what we think is one of the most attractive parts of Florida, about 100 miles north of Miami, The area around Jupiter has the feel of a village, obvious the reason why it attracts celebrities to set up residence here….