One of the other problems I found when trying out the underwater camera was that it’s essential that you keep your mask from fogging up. I had always used the tried and tested, spitting on the inner surface of the mask and wiping it all around with your finger followed by rinsing the mask in freshwater. For some reason this wasn’t working on this trip, with only what I had packed for the trip I needed some help. After some research someone suggested putting a small amount of  toothpaste on the insides of the lens and rubbing it around softly with your finger for a several minutes might do the trick. Amazingly I found that it worked a treat and after an hour snorkeling I had not had to clear the mask once.

Preventing scuba masks from fogging

It would appear that the more basic the toothpaste (Non abrasive, Non Bleaching, Non Alcohol), the better. Having tried the toothpaste for a couple of trips out to the reef I did discover that to ensure that the technique works you need to :-

  • Start with a clean dry mask (previously washed in freshwater)
  • Rub a small amount of toothpaste on the glass (pea sized)
  • Let it dry
  • Gently rub it off with a soft cloth
  • Rinse in freshwater
Once I had adopted this pattern it worked every time. The one occasion I didn’t it fogged up and it was back to using spit (it’s all I had out on the reef).



Don’t use coarse tooth paste or coarse cloth,  these will obviously scratch the glass.