Having in the past travelled to Sri Lanka to see Leopards in the world famous Yala National Park. One of the few places in the world were they can be seen being active in daylight hours, and being somewhat disappointed with result. With one sighting over three days and having to put up with being jostled by at least 20 other jeeps all trying to get a closer view. 

Two years later in Tadoba reserve in India in spring  we were surprised to get the opportunity, early one morning, to photograph a pair of leopards mating, capturing what I thought to be my best images of these wonderful creatures.

Tadoba Leopard

Tadoba Leopard

Greater Kruger National Park

I was very surprised to find that the area around Kruger NP in South Africa had a prolific population of leopards. That you could not only get very close to, but they seemed to be happy with the presence of one or two vehicles. Within an hour of our first drive we had come across two leopards. The second of which was drinking at a water hole, and allowed us to get very close. As a bonus on the other side of the water hole were a rhino mother and her calf.

Leopard No 1 our first encounter

Leopards Leopards







Leopard at water hole at Notten’s

At the water hole near Notten’s Bush Camp in Sabi Sands

Leopard drinking near Notten’s Bush Camp

Thirsty Work in Sabi Sands

Over the next days we encountered at least one Leopard on each drive, each time a new individual and all of them just going about their daily routine.

Leopard resting near Notten’s Bush Camp

Resting in tree with a kill in the Sabi Sands reserve

First Leopard in Thornybush

Leopard in Thornybush Timbavati

Leopard snarling in Thornybush

Timbavati Leopard No 4

Leopard in Thornybush reserve

Timbavati Leopard No Six

Leopard Hunting in Thornybush

Starting out on the hunt in Timbavati

Leopard hunting at night at Thornybush

Leopard hunting at night at Thornybush

Leopard at Motswari, Timbavati Nature Reserve

Leopard at Motswari

Leopard with kill at Motswari

Motswari Leopard with kill

Leopard portrait in Motswari

Young Motswari Leopard portrait