We’ve had nest boxes up in the garden for many years now and over the years we’ve had Blue Tits nesting fairly regularly usually successfully. A few years ago we put up a new box on the side of the potting shed with a wireless nest camera fitted.

The first year although put up late we had Great Tits building and rearing seven fledglings. However since then nothing, that was until this spring, after cutting / pruning a nearby buddleia  and providing a clear flight path the birds were back building and laying a total of nine eggs. This year we’ve been able to collect a series of images and video  as the fledglings have grown. Unfortunately as we had given up hope of a nest, the camera had not been set-up correctly so the quality of the images is not as good as it could be. (hopefully next year we will be better prepared) 

Nest Camera

Breaking News Friday 16th May :-

Five fledglings  flew the nest early this morning. 5 out of 9 not a bad result

Latest Video 2014-05-15



Interesting behaviour with adults trying to remove a dead fledgling

Two feeds and a case of indigestion.