Young people volunteering and travel 

During my time working with young people, and also from a parents perspective, giving youngsters the opportunity to volunteer either at home or abroad  is a very fulfilling and beneficial experience for both the individual and the community, life after all is about challenging yourself.

Recently I have been looking through all the archived videos and photos I took whilst working at school and came across a video I made in Costa Rica, whilst our daughter was working at the Estacion Las Tortugas on the Caribbean coast, and a visit she organised for some 6th Form students at the Park High School in 2004. It shows something of the country as well as showing some of the work that went on at the station. I think the trip organised by our daughter proved to be an enlightening and very worthwhile  experience for the students and something that sadly not many youngsters get the opportunity to take part in today.

About Costa Rica

Costa Rica is an emerging tourist destination here in the UK  being about the size of Belgium you can travel through a wide range of ecosystems in  its protected areas observing its rich wildlife. The Caribbean and Pacific coastal areas  are famed for their turtles numbers with the huge leatherbacks hauling themselves onto  the surf beaches that stretch along the Caribbean coast and the prospect of witnessing Olive Ridley turtles coming up in thousands at a time in an arribada, on the Pacific coast. The scenery varies from wild coast to sandy beaches, lush jungle areas,  cool, damp, cloud forests .and the volcanic highland areas.


Reasons to encourage students/young people to volunteer and some of the benefits of them in volunteering ?

Volunteering gives young people the opportunity to develop and improve their social skills in different social situations away from the comforts of home. 

Volunteering encourages a spirit of Citizenship and being part of the community.

Volunteering helps develop a person’s belief about their ability and gives a young person a sense that they can make a difference and deal with the challenges of life.

Volunteers learn a lot about the world and opens them to the problems and issues that confront the world today and the needs of other people.

Volunteering helps foster  the ability to understand and share the feelings of others in sometimes challenging situations.

Volunteers get the opportunity to discover and explore new interests and passions that might provide them with a spring board for the future. and could provide them with the contacts to pursue that passion.

Volunteering can make a difference to communities, a lesson that if fostered early can be taken with them into adulthood and opens their eyes to see how others experience the world.

It provides a chance to give something back to either your local community or much further a field and you get to help those who need it.

Its is good for you and is great for your mental and physical health.

Can help make your CV shine. and can set you apart from other applicants for job. it can  show that you are ambitious, that you care about your community, and can take on challenges. 

It provides you with the opportunity to develop new physical and practical skills in different situations and exposes you to a range of new experiences.